Online Media and Technology

Online Media and Technology

There are a couple of new online medias and technologies that we are currently utilizing, which include our CCECA app, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linke In.  The new features of these outlets are listed below.

CCECA app:

- Due date and past due reminders

- Account Profile Changes

- Payment Confirmation

- Member-owners can access all account information via the app

- Report outages

- View Current Outages

- View Bills

- To receive these push notifications, alerts, and reminders you must sign up for them through our app.  This allows for personal customization

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linked In:

- News and Events

- Articles related to Cooperative interests

- Business related information

- Photos

- Outage reports

- Community and local functions

Webpage Functions:

- You can go through the "Pay Bill" tab to also configure your settings and do everything that you can do through the app.